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Ultra Cell Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil 

Berry Flavored 

30 ml per bottle 

Dosing size Is 1 ml per day.  (1 dropper full) Place under your tongue and hold for at least 1 minute before swallowing.  You will absorb it sublingually.  

Why is Ultra Cell superior to other brands of CBD oil? 

  • Ultra Cell is a FULL SPECTRUM Hemp Oil.  That means it is not JUST CBD, it is CBD PLUS over 400 other compounds from the hemp plant, all of which are vital in supporting the human body's endocanabinoid system.  
  • It contains 0.0% THC.  Zero. That means that you can use this product and pass any drug test. 
  • Ultra Cell is water soluable.  Your body can not absorb an oil. 
  • Ultra Cell is berry flavored, it tastes great! 

What Can Ultra Cell Do For Me? 

  • Ultra Cell will give you the best, most restfull sleep of your life.
  • Ultra Cell can help with anxiety
  • Ultra Cell can reduce inflammation. Inflammation is the cause of most of our body's pain, so reducing inflammation can reduce your pain. 
  • Ultra Cell can kill fungal infections 
  • Ultra Cell can help with depression and moodiness
  • Ultra Cell can boost your body's immune system to keep you healthy
  • Ultra Cell can help with Restless Leg Syndrom 

Ultra Cell is safe for pets

If your pets are suffering from pain, arthritis, or anxiety, simply rub a few drops on their gums.  (Adjust dosage for larger or smaller pets.)  


Ultra Cell will not interfere with any other medications you may be taking. 



Ultra Cell Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

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