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SeneGence Silk Primer 


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Primer is a game changer for beautiful make up application.  It is important that your primer and foundation are from the same

company so that they work together.  So invest in YOU and you'll be amazed at the results! 


How does primer make a difference?


1)  Primer helps hide imperfections.  Think of your face as a blank canvas - once the primer is applied, the canvas is truly flawless and therefroe enables a perfect makeup application - even giving you an airbrushed look.  


2)  Silk enhances the collagen production in your skin - thus it is friming and tightning your skin each time you apply it.  


3)  Silk contains SenePlex Complex, a patented ingredient that increases celluar renewal and untimately reduces the signs of aging! 


  • Silk should be applied after your daytime moisturizer 
  • Apply in a downward motion to fill in pores and fine wrinkles.
  • Do not rub in, let it sit on your skin. 
  • Let it dry for up to 10 minutes before applying foundation. 
  • Use alone for naturally beautiful skin, or use as primer before MakeSense Foundation® for a perfect finish.
  • Primes the complexion by relaxing and filling fine lines and wrinkles before foundation application
  • Helps to even skin tone and discoloration caused from harmful UV ray exposure and works to naturally repair damage
  • Hydrates and nourishes skin with natural ingredients including lavender, blue seaweed, orchid and algae


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SeneGence Silk Pore & Wrinkle Minimizer

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