DuoChrome ShadowSense Collection 


The new DouChrome ShadowSense Collecion is AMAZING!  

It is a set of 5 holigraphic ShadowSense colors that shimmer and change color as the light hits it.  

Included in this set: 

  • Chameleon 
  • Celestial
  • Phoenix
  • Aurora 
  • Mermaid Shimmer 
  • Free Holographic Cosmetic Bag.   


As per SeneGence guidelines, we are not allowed to sell SeneGence products on our website.  Because of this, the products will be shown as "out of stock".  Please be assured that these products ARE in stock in our store and we will be happy to ship them out to you.  Just give us a call at 620-546-3523 to order. 


You can also order from our SeneGence website: 


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DuoChrome ShadowSense Collection